The Montana Weatherization Training Center is located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. We've provided training and technical assistance to the housing industry since 1991. 

We deliver courses to field technicians, business owners, and program managers on topics that include energy efficiency, renewable energy, and health and safety. The Center includes fully-equipped classrooms, training labs, and field-testing facilities that allow us to deliver courses across a range of knowledge domains. We focus on hands-on training whenever possible, following a clear mission to support and improve the day-to-day performance of installers and technicians in the field.

BPI Test Center LogoThe Training Center is an approved Test Center for the Building Performance Institute (BPI). We provide online examinations for all BPI certifications, and can proctor field examinations for the Energy Auditor, Quality Control Inspector, Building Analyst, Heating Professional, and Envelope Professional certifications.


Class descriptions and registration information in the calendar below:

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Special Events 

WxLive! Join us Fridays at 9am Mountain Time.

March 27th: Trainable Moments

April 3rd: Doors and Windows for Crews

April 10th: Pressure Diagnostics for Auditors

April 17th: Combustion Testing for Crews

April 24th: Dense Pack Insulation for Crews 

As we prioritize the safety and health of Weatherization workers across the country, we are hosting weekly live shows. Join us Fridays at 9am MDT to check out tips and tricks of the trade with the staff at the Montana Weatherization  Training Center. This show is broadcast live from beautiful Bozeman, MT.

Watch live right here on our website!



The Commissioner of Higher Education handed a directive to the Montana University System to move all campus-based education courses online beginning March 23rd, including all Extension campuses. These efforts are based in upholding health and safety of both students and instructors/staff, and minimizing spread of the disease.

Currently, we at the Training Center are discussing how to move forward with this directive and how it will look for us to provide online training for future classes. Those courses impacted within the next several weeks are Crew Leader, RIT Building Shell, Energy Auditor and Written Exam and Energy Auditor Field Exam.  

Crew Leader (March 24-26) has been postponed. We'll probably get that class back on the calendar in September.

Retrofit Installer Technician: Building Shell (March 30-April 2) has been postponed. We will offer some content online, but due to the hands-on nature of this class, online content will not substitute for the entire course. We'll probably get the full class back on the calendar in October.

Energy Auditor and Written Exam (April 6-9) and Energy Auditor Field Exams (April 13-15) have been postponed. We will reschedule these later in the year, but a date has not yet been decided.

Regarding future courses, we are awaiting further instruction from the University and the State regarding policies and recommendations for April and beyond, as the situation is continuously developing. 

We know that weatherization crews may be limited in how much work they can do under the current conditions. We'll continue to develop technical lessons for online delivery--with the hope that we can provide good educational opportunities that you can use to fill this lull in production. 

Do not hesitate to emailclasses@weatherization.orgor call 406-586-0070 with any questions or concerns.