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This Week's Show!



Earning CE Credits

You can earn BPI CE credits for the webinars by taking the webinar's quiz. If you provide a BPI ID number, we will upload the credits to BPI for you.

Trainable Moments

Doors and Windows

Pressure Diagnostics for Auditors

Combustion Testing for Crews

Dense Pack Insulation for Crews

Baseload & Energy Calculations

Attic Inspection & Preparation

Worker Safety & COVID-19

Design & Installation of Residential Ventilation Systems


March 27th: Trainable Moments

April 3rd: Doors and Windows for Crews

April 10th: Pressure Diagnostics for Auditors

April 17th: Combustion Testing for Crews

April 24th: Dense Pack Insulation for Crews 

May 1st: Baseload & Energy Calculations

May 8th: Attic Inspection & Preparation

May 15th: Worker Safety & COVID-19

May 22nd: Exhaust System Design & Installation

May 29th: Attic Insulation for Crews

June 5th: Indoor Air Quality: Review of Assessment Tools

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To dowload Baseload B.E.A.S.T spreadsheet, Follow this link!





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