Course Description

Energy Auditor provides in depth information on energy audit terminology, principles and skills for calculating cost effective building shell retrofit strategies and generating a work order. The course follows the Department for Energy’s standardized curriculum for Energy Auditor – Single Family and has been modified to align with the NREL Job Task Analysis for Energy Auditor. The structure of the course includes lecture, dialogue, and practical experience through hands-on skill sets.

This course has 30 contact hours and can qualify as 15 continuing education units (CEU) toward Home Energy Professional Recertification.

Course Objectives

  • Identify common environmental health risks such as mold, asbestos, and lead paint
  • Conduct an accurate blower door assessment and interpret the results
  • Perform pressure pan and duct blaster assessment test
  • Understand building science basics
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication with a client
  • Understand the importance of complete and accurate paperwork
  • Recognize potential health and safety risks for installers and crew members
  • Conduct a worst case CAZ depressurization test
  • Perform accurate volume calculations for a home
  • Demonstrate appropriate estimation of materials, labor, and other costs for a job
  • Evaluate the safety and efficiency of a forced-air furnace
  • Use infrared thermography to evaluate the energy efficiency of a building

Organization of Course

This course is a lecture-lab course. Most topics are covered first in the classroom and then those concepts are applied in the training lab. Student participation in discussions in the classroom and in the lab exercises is very important. This course has a written final exam and student participation is graded as pass/fail.

Grading Criteria and Passing Score

The final exam is a written test and each student must pass with an 70% score or higher. Students that do not pass will be allowed to retake the exam in accordance with the Montana Weatherization Training Center retesting policy.


  • Energy Auditors
  • Home Inspectors
  • Program Managers
  • Installers
  • Crew Leaders
  • Property Managers

Course Fees

  • $625 for the public
  • Free for associates of the Montana Weatherization Workforce

For additional information contact the Center at or you can call (406) 586-0004.