Course Description

The Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule course is an EPA certification course designed for all workers that disturb painted surfaces in facilities built prior to 1978. It is intended for students who have no prior knowledge of lead-based paint, but the certification is required regardless of experience. Students learn how to assess and work with lead-based paint hazards in a way that is safe and constructive for themselves and others. To maintain their certification students must complete a 4-hour Refresher course every 5 years.

The Initial Certification course has 8 contact hours. It can qualify as 4 continuing education units (CEU) toward Home Energy Professional Recertification.
The Refresher Certification course has 4 contact hours and can qualify as 2 CEU toward HEP Recertification.

Course Objectives

  • Identify appropriate lead-safe practices for a job
  • Perform and direct lead-safe work practices
  • Provide hands-on training to non-certified workers
  • Use EPA-recognized test kits to identify lead-based paint
  • Maintain containment areas to minimize the spread of dust
  • Implement the cleaning verification procedure
  • Prepare and maintain required records

Organization of Course

This is a lecture-lab course with 6 hours of classroom powerpoint lecture followed by 2 hours of hands-on lab time to complete the Initial Certification or 3 hours of classroom lecture and 1 hour of hands-on lab time for the Refresher course. Full participation is expected and required.

Grading Criteria and Passing Score

The final exam is a written 25-question test and each student must pass with a 70% score or higher. Students that do not pass will be allowed to retake the exam in accordance with the Montana Weatherization Training Center retesting policy.
For Initial Certification students must attend all 6 hours of lecture and complete 2 hours of hands-on skill assessments.
For the Refresher certification students must attend 3 hours of lecture and complete 1 hour of hands-on skillsets.


  • All contractors doing work for compensation in structures built prior to 1978

Course Fees

  • Initial certification (8 hour) - $200 for the public
  • Refresher certification (4 hour) - $125 for the public
  • Free for associates of the Montana Weatherization Workforce

Certification courses are offered every month. To see when the next session is, visit the HOME PAGE and look under the Upcoming Trainings Menu.

For additional information contact the Center at or you can call (406) 586-0004.