Course Description

This course utilizes the BPI Building Analyst Testing Knowledge Lists as a platform for Whole House evaluation for both energy efficiency and environmental health. Seventy percent of the content of this course is based on the BPI Testing Knowledge List for the Building Analyst. Techniques for home performance evaluation and environmental health assessment are covered in this course and it is designed as a continuing education opportunity for Home Energy Professional (HEP).

This course has 8 contact hours and qualifies as 8 continuing education units (CEU) toward Home Energy Professional Recertification.

Course Agenda

  • Building Science
    • Energy and Thermodynamics
    • Combustion Science
    • Moisture and Psychometrics
    • Building Airflow
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Distribution and Controls
    • Indoor Air Quality
  • Buildings and Their Systems
    • Building Components and Construction
    • Mechanical Equipment
    • Building Thermodynamics
    • Building Airflow
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Renewables Potential
  • Testing, Data Collection and Analysis
    • CAZ Testing
    • Indoor/Outdoor CO
    • Combustible Gas Leak Testing
    • Blower Door Testing
    • Mechanical Ventilation
    • Insulation Levels
    • HVAC Distribution Systems
    • DHW
    • Appliances
    • Lighting
    • Fenestrations
    • Thermal/Pressure Boundaries
    • Mechanical Equipment
    • Baseload
    • Building Measurements
    • Health and Safety
    • Construction Details

Organization of Course

This is a lecture course. Lecture topics are presented in the classroom. The class is appropriate for students who have had a basic introduction to weatherization training. Student participation in discussions in the classroom is very important. This course is graded as pass/fail.

Grading Criteria and Passing Score

The course is evaluated on attendance.


  • Private Contractors
  • Program Managers
  • Weatherization Professionals

Course Fees

  • $200 for the public
  • Free for associates of the Montana Weatherization Workforce

For additional information contact the Center at or you can call (406) 586-0070.